Is there a magic formula to success?

As we know, to be successful in this type of technological landscape, you must understand two words: “perspective” & “creativity”. HOW can you change your “perspective” to enhance your “creativity” to stand out in front of the competition?

We’re thrilled to have someone special for this year’s AlwaysOn Technology Symposium that is an expert at both: John Duke Logan.

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That name might sound familiar to you.

For starters, he was on NBC’s hit-show, America’s Got Talent. He was also nicknamed as the “Team Magician” for the New England Patriots when Super Bowl Champ Tom Brady raved about his tricks for the team during a press conference. And, he’s also a published author of two books and travels the country presenting TEDx talks on perception.

As you can tell, he’s quite the jack-of-all trades. But here’s the catch: he’s a magician who HATES tricking people. Believe it or not, he doesn’t use magic to fool others, but rather to show how magicians can help fix societal challenges if we take a closer look at the journey and techniques they use to solve problems.

Magicians have been using unique principles for THOUSANDS of years to: (1) look at situations from a different perspective, (2) create solutions to those challenges that can be implemented for their target audience, and (3) achieve the “impossible”—and they get a standing ovation for it.

Using magic and audience participation, John’s keynote helps different types of leaders develop new ideas ranging from products, apps, fundraisers, marketing campaigns, and different types of services. He presents at leadership conferences to explain the secret behind-the-scenes brainstorming process on how to make a vision in your head become a reality—a useful skill for businesses leaders and creatives alike.

He wants people to realize that magicians are masters at looking at something from a different perspective. And if we can start looking at situations from a different perspective and adapt the same creativity techniques magicians use to make the “impossible” become possible, then why can’t we make our “impossible” goals in life become possible as well?

Join us on Thursday, November 8 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston for this interactive keynote, as we soon realize that ‘impossible’ is just a word.