Events | 03.21.2017

AlwaysOn Leadership Symposium: A Day to Change Mindsets

Have you ever fallen? Have you ever failed? Have you ever flailed around trying to overcome some challenge or obstacle? If you are like me, the simple answer is YES… many times. But you’ve also likely found a way to get back in the game or as I like to say to be “always on.” So, take a moment to think about the term “always on.”

How would you define “always on”? I would suggest it starts with always being available. There is an amusing commercial that shows a parent trying to take a sick day, but any parent knows you can’t call in sick. It’s similar in the technology world. In our fast-paced, always available, and constantly connected world, we must be always on. So, think about that for a moment. What pressure does it place on you as a professional?

Our AlwaysOn Leadership Symposium was born with this hurdle in mind. Our one-day, thought leadership event brings together business leaders to help them alter their mindsets to become more empowered, productive and agile. It’s a forum for like-minded peers to network, discuss how to address their sizeable work challenges, and implement proven tactics and methodologies to bring transformation to their organizations.

Register for our seventh annual symposium by clicking here. If you’re already registered, be sure to bring a friend!

I am so excited to announce that our seventh annual AlwaysOn Leadership Symposium will take place May 18, at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence. Check out the video below for a teaser of this year’s event:

This year we have an impressive lineup of speakers, including:

  • Daniel Rodriguez: After surviving the bloodiest clash of the war in Afghanistan, he left the military and walked on the Clemson football special teams to fulfill a promise to a friend who died on the battlefield. Daniel will share the story of how he came back from the edge of war to honor his friend’s life and create a new one for himself
  • Trent Theroux: Trent is a fighter who inspires and motivates through his story of triumph. Following a serious accident, Trent beat the odds—and prognosis—and eventually completed his penultimate goal: an unprecedented backstroke swim into the Atlantic Ocean.

For me, I will be taking the big stage to discuss a concept that speaks very personally to me—resilience. Let me explain…

Over the course of my life, I had to learn to become resilient. I faced many obstacles, challenges, and circumstances that were beyond my control. I had to rise above them and move on. Maybe that explains my affinity for superheroes and their never-ending battle to overcome adversity. Like overcoming my debilitating fear of public speaking to eventually taking the stage at our Always On Symposium.

Though I haven’t quite reached official superhero status, I’ve never lost sight of the characteristics needed to be the consummate superhero: tenacity, grit, passion, adventure… the list goes on. And while I can’t always ward off all the evil I come across, I have long derived energy from embracing the unexpected, overcoming the seemingly insurmountable and inching closer and closer to transformation. I’ve continue drawing energy from remaining resilient.

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Resiliency is successfully embracing the challenges and opportunities that come your way. It’s about being adaptable and agile and finding a heightened level of inner strength and centeredness. It’s a concept that I can’t wait to explore further at this year’s AlwaysOn Leadership Symposium!

Each year we commit to putting on a show that allows our participants to recharge for the day, focus on professional development, have an “aha” moment and gain fresh perspectives. This year will be no different. Hopefully, you will be able to overcome the challenge of a busy calendar, and I look forward to seeing you in the audience on May 18!