The IT industry is buzzing with phrases like “collaboration” and “Cisco Spark.” While innovation is brimming in the collaboration space, if you’re an IT leader looking to implement or advance your UC&C strategy, it can be difficult to see through common UC&C challenges like:

  • An increasingly remote and mobile workforce,
  • Pressure to offer around-the-clock connectivity to important resources; and
  • Communication systems from different vendors with various technology requirements.

In this roundup post, we share resources to help you begin or enhance your UC&C journey, all while achieving significant progress in meeting your collaboration goals (not to mention, maybe receiving a pat on the back for doing so).

Looking to migrate or integrate new solutions with your UC&C platform? We can help.

  1. How to Mitigate UC&C Platform Migration Challenges: Exploring a platform migration, but unsure of the right one to migrate to, how to integrate into your existing infrastructure, or how to manage vendors? This white paper explores how to identify all the elements that go into a successful UC&C platform migration.
  2. Power of 3: Moving to a UCaaS Model: The cloud has provided added benefits to deploying a UC platform, but also one that comes with greater complexity when it comes to networking and security, among other factors. In this blog post, Ed Wadbrook, our VP of Cloud, outlines three considerations when moving toward UCaaS.
  3. 3 Steps to Increase the Adoption of UC Products: Change can be hard, but embracing it can often mean even bigger gains than you initially realized. Kevin McCarron, Carousel’s VP of Unified Communications & Collaboration, details three ways to get your organization on-board and realize the serious benefits of collaboration tools.
  4. Prioritize Teamwork to Deliver Results: In this post from Kim Austin, Cisco’s Collaboration Solutions Marketing Manager, readers will learn that successful collaboration is more than the tools you use; it’s about rewarding people for working together.
  5. Simple Ways to Increase Adoption of UC Tools – Part 1 & Part 2: UC&C solutions have been top-of-mind for IT and business leaders for years as a means to increase productivity. For those that have implemented the technology, adoption can be tricky. In this two-part series, we highlight top ways to get employees on the path to efficiency.

There are so many resources to help you discover, plan, deploy and manage your UC&C strategy. Sometimes it’s best to get a live expert on the line to understand your challenges and opportunities and outline ways to get to your desired future state. Sign-up today for a complimentary expert consultation to plot your UC&C strategy. Just click here or the below button.

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