Standard A/V Workmanship Warranty Entitlement

NWN Carousel warrants to Customer that Installation Services will be carried out in a professional and workmanlike manner by qualified personnel and purchased products will be free from defect. If the Installation Services have not been so performed and NWN Carousel receives Customer’s detailed request to cure a non-conformance within 90 days of its completed installation, NWN Carousel will re-perform those Installation Services.  If any purchased product is defective and NWN Carousel receives Customer’s request to cure the defect within 90 days of its completed installation, NWN Carousel will replace the defective product in accordance with manufacturer’s warranty policies. Returned hardware that has been replaced by NWN Carousel, will become NWN Carousel’s property. Title to NWN Carousel-installed replacement hardware provided as part of Services will pass to Customer when installed.

Standard A/V Product Warranty Period 

NWN Carousel’s Standard Product Warranty Period reflects the product manufacturer’s warranty, which varies by manufacturer or a period of 90 days from completion of installation, whichever occurs first.

Standard A/V Product Workmanship Warranty Procedures and Remedies

If a Product or Installation Service does not conform to the warranties above, End User shall notify NWN Carousel within the applicable warranty period, describing how the Product or Installation Service failed to be in conformance. NWN Carousel will (i) repair or replace the non-conforming Product, on a “best effort” basis, during normal business hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding NWN Carousel Holidays.

Warranty Policy with a NWN Carousel Support Contract

Special Warranty for Entirely New Systems under NWN Carousel Support 

For systems under an active NWN Carousel Support Contract, NWN Carousel will repair or replace the nonconforming Product or Control Code, in accordance with ALL the maintenance contract benefits, including rapid response times and monitoring (if applicable), during the designated contract coverage hours.

Billing for these extended maintenance benefits are free of charge during the warranty period for entirely new systems only.  Support for upgraded products on existing systems will bill on first day after upgrade.